Benefits of a Retrofit
An insulation retrofit is a significant benefit to any home—regardless of the age of the home.

Two ares in your home; the attic and the rim joists, account for the overwhelming majority of energy loss. Thankfully, those two areas are far easier to access than other areas in your home! By air sealing and insulating those two areas to today’s standards—either completely with spray foam or with a combination of spray foam and fiberglass—it’s possible to create a healthier, more comfortable and more durable home.

Minimally Invasive
Accessing the attic and the rim joists is minimally invasive. According to our clients; other than a more comfortable home and lower energy bills, they would never have known by looking at their living space that Sprayfoam Works came in and retrofitted their home!

Remodeling is an excellent time to upgrade your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. When you remodel, additional areas of the home’s structure are exposed making it easier than ever to upgrade insulation.

Building Codes
Building codes change frequently and, in addition, there is an ever-growing number of advancements in building science. The experts at Sprayfoam works are knowledgeable about the latest advancements in the industry and can guarantee the benefits of retrofitting homes from 1 to 100 years old!

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